ONE Imagination STEAM Leadership Program
Cultivating Artists while Increasing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Skills

About One Imagination

The ONE Imagination STEAM Leadership program is an innovative intervention designed for youth and their parents or guardians to create healthy, therapeutic outlets through the arts while incorporating concepts of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. As a result, participants and families are empowered with the tools to bring about positive change and build their capacity of empathy, sensitivity cognition, and strengthen their resiliency. ONE Imagination encompasses most aspects of the arts including dance, vocal performance, theater, fashion, photography, visual and structural art.

ONE Imagination’s Program Goals are:

  1. To create healthy outlets that promotes and supports mental and physical wellness
  2. To promote art and enrich culture
  3. To promote STEAM awareness and career exploration in the following disciplines: acting, vocal performance, photography, dance, modeling, and canvas
  4. To heighten cultural awareness through the celebration of cultural-specific holidays, events, and traditions
  5. To encourage respect and appreciation of diversity through leadership training

An inside look at ONE Imagination

Practice Areas

ONE Flash

One Flash introduces and explains rules of composition, basic elements of videography, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and experimental camera use. Student’s interests and understanding of the techniques and principles of photography will be stimulated and enhanced.

ONE Voice

One Voice explores how to sing simple harmonies, gain better breath control, how to count and read music, and understand how to care for instruments through guided study using videos, vocal demonstrations, animated illustrations, and recorded examples.

ONE Canvas

Through a series of projects, readings, class critiques, videos, slide presentations, and various field trips, One Canvas introduces students to the materials, techniques, concepts, and processes essential to understanding the visual arts and the role of the artist.

ONE Motion

While moving through space, each youth explores an innovative and highly creative dance form in a structured class environment, designed to teach a wide variety of dance styles, such as ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop.


Students are introduced to the fundamentals of performance through improvisation, script analysis and the study of monologue materials. Special emphasis is placed on interpretation and translation of the dramatic script as the basis for exploration of characterization, motivation and transition.

ONE Stride

Classes on voice projection, self-confidence, print, runway, and business management helps give the student a professional edge in order to grow as a commercial print model, fashion model or a bolder, brighter being by learning the same modeling techniques used by today's top fashion models.

One Imagination Showcases

ONE Motion

"Heaven" Show Choir Performance

ONE Voice

"Smile" Show Choir Performance