General Questions

GROWTH values diversity. Participants of any race, gender, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, or national origin are welcome pending clinical approval. 


GROWTH has strict confidentiality guidelines to protect participants’ anonymity in accordance with the HIPAA guidelines and regulations. View our HIPAA Privacy Statement concerning your health records here. 

Simply put, our motto is, “Who and what you see and hear stays at GROWTH.”

Clients will have limited access to phones on the day they arrive to the program and the day they depart. Any other phone use is for emergencies only with permission of a staff member. Clients are not allowed to bring cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.


The use of private vehicles during all programs is not allowed. Clients must stay on the program grounds at all times.

Keeping with our philosophy that nicotine is an addictive substance, all GROWTH programs are nicotine-free. 



There are two ways to get started with the admissions process. 

BY PHONE: Call 225-300-4934


For participants who wish to continue their work once they leave GROWTH, a written aftercare plan will be sent to your therapist upon your approval. Clients will leave with their aftercare plan in hand to implement and/or share with their therapist.


No. Although therapists refer about one half of our clients, anyone is welcome to register for a program. Many clients decide to attend a program based on recommendations from family members, friends, colleagues, etc., who have attended past programs.


For all programs, GROWTH sends a letter to the clients’ therapist if a release of information section has been completed on the questionnaire. This letter asks for any pertinent information they may have about their client, including current medication, diagnosis, goals, etc.

As soon as we receive a client’s paperwork, our staff reviews it immediately. If a client is approved for the program, the program coordinator will contact them as soon as possible.

If a client is not approved, our staff will contact the client by phone to advise them of the reasons for not being approved.


Yes, our certification programs at GROWTH do provide credits toward your professional certification. 


GROWTH programs are supervised by our clinical team. The group leaders for each program are selected from a pool of health literacy coaches and therapists from across the country—all are Master’s level or above—who have been carefully selected and trained.


Appropriate dress for GROWTH includes comfortable, casual wear.