This five-day workshop is designed to improve well-being through self-care, community interaction, and potential for reminiscence. It gives individuals the opportunity to be aware and seek something unorthodox during the day that is beneficial. Through photography, participants have opportunities to demonstrate continuity, challenge, and enhance self-worth and identity. By extension, students also develop empathy, which is the key to building healthy relationships with others. The Sunlight and Candor Workshop is a group-oriented experience that provides you with the education and innovative tools to develop a greater sense of self-fulfillment and acceptance.

Trauma is now a much broader phenomenon than was once imagined.

Trauma – defined as any experience that creates overwhelming feelings and/or an event that is perceived as life-threatening. 

No two people have the same reaction to traumatic experiences. Yet, an often-shared hallmark of trauma is a sense of loss of connection to ourselves, our bodies, our families, others, and even to the world around us. It’s as if, in trauma, we inhale a strong sense of loss and personal defectiveness with no direction as to how to exhale.

Sunlight and Candor introduces and explains rules of composition, basic elements of videography, photography, and experimental camera use. Students’ interests and understanding of the techniques and principles of photography will be stimulated and enhanced.

Using Sunlight and Candor can greatly bolster communication skills and inspire dynamic relationships. A student’s ability to deal with uncertainty and errors, an extremely helpful tool when working with individuals who are often afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Working through a sunlight and candor situation gets all members of the workshop involved in a collaboration to find a resolution. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.


  • Identifying trauma sources and how they impact decisions
  • Developing tools to reconnect with the body, self, and others
  • Creating expression
  • Effective communication
  • Self-regulation
  • Expressing feelings in a symbolic manner
  • Self-confidence
  • Bringing focus to positive life experiences

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