This thirty-day-long program was designed to open the door to new opportunities through an innovative and educative training collaboration that allows students to boost their careers and master the critical skills necessary for obtaining a highly rewarding job in the hospitality industry. Our approach to academic support at GROWTH is immersive and interactive. We actively collaborate with students on their needs in order to coordinate any scholastic modifications or workload requirements, thereby arming our clients with what they need to stay on track while at GROWTH. We aim to provide clients with meaningful advocacy and an individualized approach to learning. At GROWTH, we understand that if teens and young adults find themselves here, then most likely what they have been doing to cope across all areas of their lives just is not working. As such, we aim to address the underlying issues facing each client, while also empowering them to lead the way. We endeavor to promote a sense of agency, independence, and proactivity in our client population, and as such, we work with parents and teens to confront their relationship to academics and how it impacts life at home. Our priority is to unearth the reasons why clients come to us, and how those underlying causes impact every area of our clients’ lives. 


  • Increase productivity
  • Identify trauma sources and how they imprint decisions
  • Strengthen the emotional control.
  • Increasing self-concept.
  • Improving social interactions.
  • Making choices and expanding options
  • Self-reflection and awareness
  • Connecting with self and others
  • Burn-out