Join the HOST School: a certification training school designed to open the door to new opportunities through an innovative and educative training collaboration. HOST allows students to boost their careers and master the critical skills necessary for obtaining a highly rewarding job in the hospitality industry. The school brings training to life through exciting, hands-on exercises and activities that prepare learners for real job situations.  

The HOST School utilizes industry-based online Hospitality Operations curriculum through which students are able to gain skills and obtain certification.  The training verifies that the students have mastered the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level, lead, and/or supervisory positions in the lodging, food and beverage, or resort industries. This certification opportunity is also relevant for entry-level individuals already in the industry seeking to upgrade their skills and broaden their areas of expertise. To further enhance the students’ online learning, a hands-on component of the training via labs are required; this reinforces the learned practical skills.  All HOST School courses develop, train, and certify students in customer service and soft skills. These certifications are offered to organizations as professional developments to their employees.


The HOST School consists of the following certification programs: 


        Front Desk Representative

        Kitchen Cook

        Maintenance Employee

        Restaurant Server

        Breakfast Attendant

        Guest Service Gold Tourism

        Guestroom Attendant

The HOST School enables students to attain higher-level competencies efficiently, thus reducing the time needed for on-the-job training. This targeted preparation allows HOST students to stand out among their competition as highly marketable and well-trained job candidates. Certification training also translates into tremendous benefits for potential employers by providing access to a more competent and skilled workforce, reducing the investment needed for on-the-job training and skill-set development.   

HOST Services

Hospitality Opportunity and Service Training (HOST) Program is licensed by the LA Board of Regents and adheres to the rules and regulations of the LA Proprietary School Advisory Commission