Our Individual Intensive is a four-day program designed to provide a space for healing and hope in a safe environment. Individuals can address their unique issues and focus on their unique goals. Intensives allow you to stay in an extended vulnerable space and posture not always afforded in a one on one weekly therapeutic session in order to uncover patterns and roots of issues impeding your life.

During Individual Intensives, guests work with one therapist to acquire vital tools for healing while developing coping skills, exploring intimacy, enhancing communication, and resolving conflict. This program is offered on an as-needed basis. Before the program begins, we will gather information about you through written materials and personal interviews.


  • Understand family of origin and generational influences
  • Identify trauma sources
  • Develop tools to reconnect with the body, self, and others
  • Learn the role that spirituality plays in healing from trauma
  • Discover barriers to intimacy
  • Learn essential relational skills
  • Gain tools to better resolve conflicts and regulate emotions

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