The Living Whole Program is a workshop designed to help you bring your life back to center by connecting your current or past experiences with how they affect you today. You will have the opportunity to rewrite your narrative and resolve areas of your life that may feel stuck. Oftentimes, relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, codependency, distorted or compulsive behaviors in yourself or those you love, or just the stresses of daily living can keep you from the peace and balance you desire


This is a four-day group workshop infused with education and action to change. The programs’ focus is on the importance of knowing yourself, discovering blockages that have kept you from being all you can be, and how the sum of your past experiences may be affecting you today.

The ultimate goal of this program is to reestablish congruence between your feelings, values, and actions, and formulate a plan to improve your relationships and live the life you desire. The Living Whole Program gives you the opportunity to make sure the person you intend to be is the person you are.


  • Codependency
  • Emotional trauma
  • Dysfunctional relationship issues
  • Understanding intimacy and sexuality
  • Medicators and distractors
  • Affirmation and forgiveness
  • Family of origin and generational influences
  • Identification, expression, and appropriate use of feelings
  • Unlocking creativity and awareness through self-examination
  • Balancing thought, feeling, and action
  • Making choices and expanding options
  • Self-reflection and awareness
  • Connecting with self and others
  • Burn-out

Our registration process includes a screening by our staff to make sure the Living Whole Program is safe and appropriate for your needs. GROWTH’s unique setting provides a safe environment for discovering self, practicing new behaviors, setting boundaries, avoiding distractions, and being nurtured with comfortable surroundings and delicious meals. The Living Whole Workshop is a self-improvement and self-worth program.

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