The Third Meal’s Objective

The objective of this program is to bring healthy eating to the North Baton Rouge area by

empowering young men and women with the tools to make more informed food choices, cook

balanced, healthful meals for themselves and their families, while also gaining marketable skills

necessary to ensure their success in the 21st Century.

The Third Meal’s goals are:

1. To provide education around food and healthy living to improve individuals’ abilities to

make informed choices around eating

2. To promote a culture of healthy living in low-income neighborhoods by integrating

schools, community, and food

3. To heighten cultural awareness through the celebration of cultural specific holidays,

events, and traditions

4. To encourage respect and appreciation of diversity as it relates to the inclusion of variety

of foods from different cultures and ethnicities


The Third Meal’s Programs include:


Science & Health

The Third Meal creates lesson plans for science and health classes to help students understand

healthy and safe food choices. Lessons, which will integrate with STEAM learning objectives,

will include topics such as chemical reactions in cooking, applying the scientific method in

baking, multiplying recipes, and agricultural engineering to drive interest in STEAM careers.


After School Cooking

The Third Meal’s signature offering is an after school program where students gain self-efficacy

in healthful eating by exploring cooking. Students receive fundamental instructions in knife skills,

nutrition, and the elements of a meal, including seasonings and portions. Every student who

participates will be able to take home and share their cooked dinner with their family.


Community Dinners

Group meals are held at Z Place on the Bluff Park to bring together community members for a hot dinner

cooked by the students enrolled in The Third Meal after school program. The dinners are

designed around workshops led by community partners that specialize on a range of issues that

support social mobility and success, including leadership skills, health and nutrition, and education.