• Operation STAND (Supporting Trauma through Advocacy, Nurturing, & Delivery)

STAND Overview

Our premier program, STAND, serves with an open concept that allows for networking systems of local organizations, universities, and individuals to connect and work with emergency response and preparedness institutions; to support communities before, during, and after instances of trauma – all conducted through evidence-based research and practices.



Focus Groups – A variety of Focus Groups will be utilized (Single, Mini, Two-Way, Dual Moderator, Respondent, and Remote). These are Conducted to Draw Upon Respondents Attitudes, Feelings, Beliefs, Experiences, and Reactions.   


Training – We offer Robust National Trainings Needed to Ensure In-Depth Professional, Scholarly and Individual Credibility, Being Certain of Practice Stability.


Ambassador Coalition – Trained Individuals Who Make Regular Contact with Members of Their Communities.


Preparedness – Through Networking and Training from Systems of Local Organizations and Emergency Response and Preparedness Institutions We Are Better Able to Serve Communities Before, During, and After Instances of Trauma.


Trauma Supports and Treatment – We Use Evidence-Based Practice That is Proven to Be Among the Most Effective Supports and Treatments.


Advocacy – We Advocate for our Most Vulnerable to have their Voices Heard on Issues That Are Important to Them. Have Their Views and Wishes Genuinely Considered, especially when Decisions Are Being Made About Their Lives.  Our Advocacy Supports the Social, Emotional, and Mental Well-Being of Those Who Are At Greater Risk of Not Receiving Treatment Before, During, or After Traumatic Events in Their Lives.


The STAND program is designed to bring about individual and community transformation in meaning and impactful ways.  The program is holistic in its approach and designed to focus on the whole person and the whole family, benefiting community members in ways that lead to improved behavioral health and a reduction in trauma’s impact.



Enhancing Lives through Transformational Coaching and Therapeutic Services