Re-entry Programs

EBR CJCC – East Baton Rouge Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

100 Lafayette St 

Room #248
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801
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Re-Entry Court Program

Re-Entry Court allows nonviolent “short-timer” offenders to serve their sentence under the guidance of long-term offender mentors.

To participate, an offender must be sentenced to serve ten years or less, with a minimum of two years “in custody”. Offenders must be referred by one of the criminal judges in the 19th JDC with the consent of the Assistant District Attorney, defense counsel, and the Re-Entry Judge.

Offenders must agree to participate in the Offender Rehabilitation and Workforce Development Program. Upon admission to prison, the Department of Corrections will administer a battery of assessments evaluating risk, level of education, prior vocational training, mental health and substance abuse history.

Once accepted, an offender must obtain a GED if he does not have a GED or a high school diploma.

Resurrection after Exoneration

1212 St. Bernard Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116
504-875-4829 Fax

Resurrection after Exoneration is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Exonerees after incarceration.

RAE will promote refom-minded leadership among those who have been imprisoned by assisting them during their transition process to ensure a successful reentry, and by empowering exonerees to confront and reform the system that victimized them.

RAE is an offspring of the non-profit law office, Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO).

United States Probation Office

777 Florida St #161

Baton Rouge, LA 70801


United States Probation Office-Eastern District of Louisiana

Post-Conviction—Rise & Recover

Participation in the Rise and Recover Reentry Court program is voluntary, and there will be no negative consequences if an offender does not wish to participate. The Reentry Court Program will last at least 14 months. The successful completion of the program may result in a 1 year reduction in supervision term and dismissal of pending probation hearing/petition.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division

Work Release Program

The purpose of the Work Release Program is to provide an opportunity for offenders to reestablish dignity and self-esteem, and to facilitate the transition back into society as a responsible adult. Whenever possible, the Corrections Division shall encourage offenders to gain work experience relevant to the current job market and/or participate in the Work Release Program.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Transitional Work Program

Offenders must meet all eligibility requirements and must apply for the program. If the inmate is housed in the LPCC, he/she must complete and submit a Transitional Work Program application to Classification.

If the offender is in another facility, he/she must write a letter to the Transitional Work Program to request consideration.

Mail to: Transitional Work Program Attn: Screening Officer, 1825 W. Willow St., Scott, LA, 70583

The Transitional Work program will respond to the offender regarding the status of the application/request. Response and transfer times vary from weeks to months based on several factors such as LPCC and Transitional Housing Facility space availability.