Experience the power of equine therapy. 

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  Winston Churchill 

What is GROWTH Adventures & How Does It Work?

To empower individuals through adventure, action sports & the outdoors & instill them with a deep sense of self-worth beyond their appearance.

We design active, adventure workshops that introduce individuals to new activities, be it rock climbing, surging, skating, hiking, etc. so that they can see first hand how strong and capable they are. We then pair these activities with an aligned theme as a conduit to big, wholehearted conversations. 


  1. Find attunement with yourself
  2. Enhance self-esteem and emotional awareness
  3. Foster connection with yourself and others 
  4. Identify and reflect on emotions and behaviors
  5. Calm and soothe yourself
  6. Deal with conflict, stress and focus
  7. Increase impulse control and reduce bullying behaviors

This workshop will be facilitated in a group therapy format, with the opportunity for individuals to experience engaging with a horse one-on-one.  

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